The Best Art and Craft Business Ideas

5 Business Ideas That Will Allow You to Embrace Your Crafty Side

Gone are the days of art being considered nothing more than a hobby and something to keep you busy during your spare time. These days, if you’re creative and have a flare for arts and crafts, there’s no reason not to make it more than just a hobby. 

With a little bit of planning and some out of the box thinking, you could start your very own art and craft business that will allow you to embrace your passion and be a successful businessperson too. Here are 5 art and craft business ideas to consider if you’re looking to branch out. 

  1. Personalised Stickers 

Everybody loves stickers – whether it’s children wanting cute name tags and stickers for their toys or adults needing to label equipment and bits and bobs around the house. These days, sticker makers are easy to come by, and if you can add your own creative flare, you’re bound to have a successful business. Offer personalised stickers for any occasion as well as your own range of fun stickers to ensure you’ve got something to offer for everybody. 

  1. Candle Making

Candles have been used since the dawn of time – albeit in different forms – and that’s still true in the world we live in today. Whether it’s to create an ambiance at the dinner table, to add soft light while you enjoy playing games that let you claim an online casino welcome bonus, to create a relaxing mood as you enjoy a warm bath, or to simply provide light on a dark evening, there’s always a need for candles. 

Learn how to make candles yourself and enjoy adding your own creative flare by means of designing different shapes, using fabulous scents and giving your candles fun names. 

  1. Jewellery Making 

If you’re a creative at heart, there’s nothing better than making jewellery. The best part is that there’s no limit to what you can do. Whether you’re a fan of bright beads and flashy pieces or subtle jewellery that speaks for itself, you’re sure to be able to cater to just about everyone. By making the pieces by hand, you can add a personal touch to your products that won’t go unnoticed. In addition, why not offer customers personalised designs as gifts or for special occasions? 

  1. Designer Clothing Printing 

Whether you’re printing t-shirts for team-building events or bachelorette parties, designer printing is always a good time. There’s no limit to what you can do. If you’re able to offer personalised printing as well as a few fun set designs, you’re bound to have a successful business. 

  1. Soap Making

Everybody loves things that smell good, and if you’re the crafty type, soap making just might be your calling. Of course, everybody needs soap, so you’re bound to have a market for your products. The beauty of soap making is that it’s a fun, hands-on process that allows you to really add your own creative flare by coming up with beautiful colours, shapes and scents. 

Allow Your Creativity to Boost Your Business

Of course, being a lover of arts and crafts doesn’t need to stop with the products you create. Embrace your creativity and use your crafty side in all aspects of your business, from marketing to promoting your brand.

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F.T.C. Sues Match for Using Fake Ads for Paid Subscription

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (F.T.C.) has recently filed a lawsuit against Match Group. By the way, online dating services providers such as Tinder, OKCupid belong to this company. The F.T.C. reports that Match tried to make consumers buy subscriptions through fake love interest ads. Are you interested in the topic? What about a secure and low cost adult merchant account? This article is here to help you with all this. 

F.T.C. Suing Match: Adult Merchant Account

The FTC has started a lawsuit against Match Group, Inc. Allegedly, with the help of fake love interest ads, the company convinced hundreds of thousands of consumers to buy paid subscriptions on their website. 

Based on the F.T.C. lawsuit, there’re other illegal practices involved in this case as well. Specifically, the company has offered a free 6-month extension to users who didn’t meet “someone special.” This referred to the initial 6-month subscription period. 

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Lawsuit Against

According to Andrew Smith, director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the F.T.C., has tricked people into using paid subscriptions. This was realized through messages sent by scammers, and the company was aware of this fact.  

The F.T.C. states that up to 30% of the users who registered for on a daily basis were dealt with scams. In reality, there’re a number of special, time-sensitive requirements that allow users to enjoy that free extension. Only, these requirements are hidden in the fine print.

To sum up, the F.T.C. has sued Match Group Inc., an online dating services provider. The latter has supposedly used fake ads with the purpose of convincing people into using paid subscriptions on their website. To avoid payment processing fraud, work only with a true payment expert in your field. 

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