The Best Material That Should Be Used To Make Shoes

The most crucial factor in the shoes and sandals is the material used to make them. The material helps in determining the quality of the footwear. A buyer must know the quality of the material used before purchasing. The quality of the material is essential. Footwear is among those essentials that everyone carries all day long. The fashionable and fancy footwear with poor material and fabric can affect the health of the feet. In this article, we have listed the top quality material that should be preferred for shoemaking. 

Green Material

All types of production processes have shifted towards the use of eco-friendly technology and material for production. So, the footwear industry is also following the same path. The trend for tech-wear has increased a lot in the past few years. They are liked by consumers and are in fashion these days. The eco-friendly fabric takes care of the health of the feet and skin. They have air pores that maintain the right temperature inside the shoes and helps to avoid sweating. Many doctors and dermatologists prefer this footwear for the person with specific allergies. 


The use of cotton and the woollen fabric has numerous disadvantages. So, a synthetic fabric polyester has taken the place of the other fabrics used in footwear making. The very frost advantage of using polyester is that they have the versatility and can be used in different types and varieties of shoe designing. The polyester fabric can easily absorb sweat that marks them comfortable to wear all day long. This material is used in the sole, for the base, and for crafting designs on its upper part. The fabric can easily catch the colour. That is why the polyester designed footwear comes in many hot and cool colours. 


Footwear is incomplete without the use of rubber. The rubber material is available in abundance and can be easily moulded in any shape. It provides the perfect grip and fitting in feet. Because of its good gripping properties, sports shoes are designed with a rubber material. Natural rubber is environmentally friendly and serves as the best alternative for all the other footwear materials. They provide support in the uppers of footwear of all types. The rubber has good breathability properties. It allows water and air to pass through it. This material is more prevalent and immensely choose by most of the shoemakers.